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How do you structure client engagements, and what level of support can clients expect?
We prioritize building a strong understanding of your needs through initial discussions to determine if we're the right fit for your requirements.

Our commitment is to provide tailored support based on your specific financial needs, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership. We have structured our services for efficiency through thoughtfully planned, scheduled interactions. This approach allows us to provide timely assistance tailored to your needs, fostering a collaborative and effective working relationship.
Can I trust you with sensitive financial information?
We take data protection seriously and are committed to handling your documents and information with the utmost care.

We are SOC 2 certified, meaning we adhere to strict data security standards and undergo regular audits. Our systems and processes safeguard the confidentiality of sensitive financial information. 

All files are encrypted and shared through secure online platforms. Hard copy documents provided to us are returned by the end of tax season after being digitized and securely stored. 
Do I need to come into your office to sign documents?
We conduct business and exchange documents easily online. 

As a paperless firm, we utilize secure web-based tools and applications for efficient document management. We operate in a high-tech manner for your convenience, so there is no need to visit our office to sign or deliver hard copies.

Our online platforms and workflows provide a smooth experience for today's modern, web-savvy clients.
Can you come to our office or are all meetings virtual?
We conduct our client engagements virtually. Our secure online platforms enable seamless communication and collaboration. 

Our beautiful office space in the Arcadia/Biltmore area provides a comfortable and professional environment for face-to-face discussions.
Does you work with international or public (IPO) companies?
We work with privately held companies in the pre-IPO stage, paving your path to growth and expansion before reaching the point of going public.

Upworth does not currently work with public, IPO stage companies, or those with international operations.

If you are an IPO company seeking guidance, we can refer you to a vetted professional in our trusted network.
What industries do you specialize in?
Our expertise spans multiple industries. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business.
Can you help me with my business accounting?
Yes, we can help set up proper accounting for your business, such as, initial bookkeeping setup, ongoing journal entries and adjustments, year-end close, and tax preparation. 

We will establish the foundation so you can confidently manage your own bookkeeping going forward. Our goal is to equip businesses with the proper accounting framework and knowledge needed for self-sufficiency. Please reach out if you need help getting your business accounting started off on the right foot.
What software do you use for accounting and bookkeeping?
We utilize QuickBooks Online for handling bookkeeping and accounting needs. The platform allows us to efficiently manage tasks like journal entries, invoicing, expense tracking, financial reporting, and more.
What if I already have an internal accounting team but need help on a specific project?
If you have an in-house accounting team but need extra support on a specific project, with our unique exposure we can provide specialized assistance.

Our team can supplement your existing staff and capabilities where needed, without requiring full outsourcing of accounting functions. 

Please reach out with project details so we can provide a customized quote to meet your temporary or one-off accounting needs.
Do you prepare tax returns in-person?
In-person meetings for tax preparation are not part of our streamlined operating model.

We are a modern, tech-enabled firm; all of our services are conducted virtually for maximum efficiency and convenience. 

We utilize secure online platforms to collect necessary documentation and collaborate seamlessly with clients. Our paperless approach saves clients time while still allowing for real-time communication as needed.

If you require or prefer in-person tax preparation, our firm may not be the best fit.
Can you help minimize tax liabilities?
Our aim is to help clients calculate their safe harbor. We take a proactive approach to tax planning through customized projections that can result in significant savings year after year.

With unique industry exposure, we also stay current on the latest tax codes and forms to identify all applicable deductions, credits, and other opportunities to minimize your tax obligations.
How do you support tax and business litigation?
If you are an existing client with a tax return prepared by Upworth and are currently undergoing an audit, tax assessment, or facing other litigation— we are available to review your financial data, conduct thorough research on relevant tax codes, and identify deductions or other details that could strengthen your case.

Our firm does not directly handle litigation proceedings, but we can provide invaluable accounting and tax expertise to clients navigating tax or business disputes.*

Having an experienced CPA on your side as a resource for understanding complex accounting and tax issues can make a major difference in litigation outcomes.

*This service is available to current clients only.
Do you provide tax planning for major financial changes?
Yes, we offer customized tax planning for major financial changes like selling a business, inheritance, marriage, retirement, etc. Our experts minimize obligations and maximize savings tailored to your life events.